Things To Bring when Spending a Night a Guys Place

Finding the right guy for any woman is always a dream come true for any girl. However this dream comes with fears of disappointing their better half. The fear is however magnified when the girl is to spend the night at the guys place. Joy turns into fear as most girls have no idea what to carry. Here is your complete guide.

  • Tooth brush- a night over will always involve some dental hygiene and it is wise for any girl to carry her tooth brush.
  • Comb- this will depend on your hair type long hairs require to be straightened especially when you leaving. However if you have short hair it may be unnecessary.
  • Lotion-you will need o take care of your skin especially after a you take a shower hence your lotion is a very important accessory to carry to your guys place.
  • Deodorant- you need to be at your very best and your sent is one of the things the guy will notice therefore your deodorant is a plus for you.
  • Shampoo- this can be required during the shower process especially when cleaning your hair which makes it necessary.
  • Walkie talkies- When you’re coming with kids and want to keep the “peace” when there, children’s walkie-talkies are not a bad idea to have.

Overall just ensure that you’re having fun!

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