Same Day Crowns Are Simply Revolutionary

As dental technology advances, the more advantages patients have in terms of maintaining the health of their teeth. At this point, dentists no longer need to wait for the whole process of producing and delivery of dental crowns. Right now, there is a possibility of using same day crowns instead of those made in an off-site laboratory.

dental crowns

People need dental crowns in cases of:

  • missing tooth that requires a bridge
  • large cavity that cannot be connected to a filling
  • cracked tooth
  • dental implant
  • root canal procedure
  • badly shaped tooth
  • discolored tooth

Crowns can be made of ceramic, resin, porcelain, metallic alloys or a combination of these. When crowns are made, an impression of the teeth in the mouth is made with the aim of matching the size and shape of the tooth that needs the crown.

Up until this moment, this imprint is sent to an off-site lab where a crown is produced and then delivered. Right now, crowns can be created on the same day, which leads to time-efficiency and no hassle of having to wait for a dental crown.

Benefits of Same Day Crowns

As expressed by a Matthews, NC dentist, same day crowns are known as the revolution of installing dental crowns. Right now, patients with decayed, damaged or cracked teeth no longer need to wait for their teeth to be repaired. Additionally, there are only few specific cases where a lab-made crown is preferable to this option, such as in patients who clench their teeth constantly. However, the majority of people are great candidates for this option.

The benefits of same day crowns are:

  • they are time-saving and people can do everything in a single visit
  • the results are of high-quality because the crowns are a precise fit and made of strong materials
  • there is no extra payment in the majority of cases and most dental insurances cover these the same way as they cover traditional crowns

So, same day crowns result in the same as traditional crowns, added the major benefit of not having to visit the dentist 2 to 3 times for a dental crown.

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